AquaWEB software


As in recent times in utility companies, due to the growing economic crisis, more and more attention is paid to the rationalization of operating costs, daily monitoring of the water supply network and measurements are the basis for its implementation.

Given that Team Nmaqua's experts have been successfully participating in many projects of measuring, analyzing and researching water losses for three decades

systems, there was a need to create an assumption in these jobs for easier, faster and more efficient achievement of significant results.

From that need, as well as significant long-term experience, the idea arose to make a project of a program for reporting, analysis and monitoring of the water supply network.


Balkan MapPlanet pipeThe problem of the amount of available drinking water is becoming more and more pronounced all over the world. For this reason, more and more attention is paid to savings and prevention of unnecessary distribution and consumption. On the other hand, water supply companies that deliver drinking water often encounter significant amounts of non-revenue water, i.e. losses that occur due to frequent failures in the network and facilities, and uncontrolled water discharge, but also due to theft and misuse by users.

Non-revenue water in almost all Balkan countries is approx 50 percent. Bearing in mind that maintenance and urgent and systematic reconstruction of the water supply network require the investment of considerable funds, which are practically impossible to provide from the current price of water, it is difficult to achieve significant results in reducing losses, i.e. non-revenue waters.

The solution to the mentioned problem is the establishment of constant monitoring of the water supply network, and a timely and quick response as soon as a certain uncontrolled discharge of water is reported.

From that need, as well as significant long-term experience, the idea arose to make a project of a program for reporting, analysis and monitoring of the water supply network.

The program was conceptually and functionally designed by the experts of the Team Nmaqua Banja Luka was also realized by ICTS d.o.o. Beograd who made the software and who will work on the development of the application.

AquaWeb program

So in front of you is a new AquaWEB software that will, we hope, find its application in many companies that deal with water supply and who want to put their system under effective supervision.


AquaWEB is a WEB-based software solution that enables easy monitoring of the water supply network, and based on the pressure and flow parameters measured on the network and facilities, enables daily, monthly and annual monitoring of trends in these parameters.

AquaWeb monitoring

It automatically analyzes the data collected from the meter and through the loss indicators, which are recommended by the IWA (International Water Association), the state of technical losses is monitored in certain zones or on the entire water supply network, depending on the data available to the water company.



  • Integration of the existing technical base of the network and facilities into the program
  • Formation of the technical base of the network and facilities, if it has not been formed
  • It provides a visual overview of the network and objects
  • Connection to all types of pressure and flow meters available to the user
  • Analysis of measurements
  • Monitoring of loss indicators
  • Formation of a base of permanent and occasional measurements
  • A fully configurable platform, according to the needs of different water companies

> WEB reporting

> Visualization of measurements

> Alarms

> Real time statistics and monitoring directly from 

   bases of SCADA system 

> Creation of reports at the request of the user

> Available in multiple languages

> Installation on local servers or use

   from the Cloud.


SERVICES/PACKAGES SaaS <> Software-as Service PaaS <> Platform-as-a-Service On Premise <> Perpetual_license
Import network scheme with DMA zones (SHAPE file) + + +
Import data of the previous 12 months + + +
User accounts for access 5 10 Unlimited
Monthly reports + + +
Daily reports + + +
Periodic reports + + +
Initial setup and preparation + + +
Server in the Cloud + User's server User's server
Platform maintenance + + OPTION – First year included Each subsequent 20% of SW value
Temporary measuring points + + +
Initial measuring points 10