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NMAqua Team
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Looking at the situation, through various types of information, seminars, conferences in the field of measurement and detection of losses, we came to the conclusion that most of the things shown were actually collected someone's experience during many years of work on this topic.
This resulted in the commitment of our team, which consists of people experts with twenty years or more spent exclusively on measuring, analyzing and researching losses in water supply systems, as well as associates in the field of benchmarking and consulting, to put their experience and services into operation. realization of projects and works in this area.

How do I know for sure if there is an unnecessary water leak? Turn off all devices that are supplied with water. Don't forget to turn off the lawn irrigation system, if you have any, toilets in the toilet, a dishwasher, check the taps, ice makers and rinsing filters. Find your water meter and open the lid. Does the star on your water meter rotate. If so, then you probably have a hidden leak on the installation from the water meter to the facility or inside the facility. Do not hesitate to call fault detection experts to avoid further unnecessary financial costs and material damage.



The consulting services we provide you relate to the field of water supply, ie the part related to the development of plans to reduce losses and the preparation of the hydraulic model of the water supply system.


Services in communal hydraulic engineering were completed by the NMAqua team with the development of a software solution-program AquaWEB for loss calculation, and an offer for training and support for the Quantum GIS program


The metering service includes several metering segments such as: flow measurement on pipelines and installations pressure measurement on hydrant pipelines and connections, noise measurement on pipelines


Leak detection with the latest generation of acoustic devices: on pipelines and internal installations, for water companies, for ZEVs, for other companies and institutions, as well as for individual consumers.

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The leak detection company is a team of people closely specialized in working with instruments and equipment intended exclusively for the purpose of measuring and detecting faults. They provide professional leak detection services on indoor, outdoor and underground installations. A leak detection company can quickly determine the location of a leak and give you recommendations for repair. Detection experts are not responsible for repairing the fault, but they can often refer you to an experienced plumbing expert who can do the job.

No one can deny you any, not even that, opportunity to ask for that kind of help, but usually it only prolongs the problem solving. In such cases, it is often without adequate equipment, knowledge and experience, and based on hearing and assumptions, it often happens that unnecessary excavations or even excavations are carried out inside the building, which all results in additional costs. Such unnecessary works cause more damage as well as lost time and especially cubic meters of water, which you still have to pay for in the end.

The fact is that leak detection - fault detection and leak repair are very different activities. They require a different set of tools and different competencies. Our staff is highly trained and constantly educated on the best leak detection methods. We focus on leak detection to provide the best possible service. Our only goal is to detect leaks as soon as possible and thus reduce your unnecessary costs, as well as to prevent possible damage to your property.

Very often the first question we encounter in our contacts with clients. There is no simple answer, nor is there a price list. As we do not deal with the assessment of a possible place of failure, but with concrete works that will lead to the final goal, the discovery of the place of loss, so we cannot even make a lump sum assessment of the cost of work that needs to be done. Only after going out on the field and considering all aspects, such as the length of the plumbing installation, assessment of the complexity of testing and terrain, and the substrate on which the fault is located, we can give an approximate estimate of the cost of work performed.

Measurements and leak detection works on heating installations can also be carried out with relatively high success. However, the work on these installations is far more complicated and requires far more dedication and attention, and therefore more time. There are many more aggravating circumstances, such as far lower pressures in these installations, the isolation of noise-suppressing installations, the problem of vibration created by circulation pumps.

We are a Team for measuring, analyzing the situation and detecting water leaks with full service and commitment, and the experience we use to find and solve even the most complicated problem in water supply. From the moment we arrive at your home, company or public institution, our Team will be dedicated and tireless to work to meet all commitments in a professional manner meeting the highest standards.

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