Recently, one of the more topical areastim both in these areas and in the world is the water supply and everything that accompanies this area. Looking at the situation, through various types of information, seminars, conferences in this field and topic, we came to the knowledge that most of the things presented are in fact someone's experience collected during many years of work on this topic. There are few indicators of the completeness of the teams that deal with, that is, directly participate "from the beginning to the end" of the implementation of projects related to water supply. So from consulting, analysis, measurement, research, to methods and techniques of scientific research and analysis - Benchmarking.

This resulted in the commitment of our Team, which consists of people experts with twenty years or more spent exclusively on measuring, analyzing and researching losses in water supply systems, as well as associates in the field of benchmarking and consulting.

We use a variety of water leak detection methods including electromagnetic tube locators, infrared thermal imaging, electronic and ultrasonic monitoring of sound and noise on piping installations, and pressure testing and, if necessary, flow control with ultrasonic meters. When a leak is identified, we will mark the exact location of the leak so that it can be repaired by an authorized professional or repair company on the installations and the pipeline.

A large number of projects, in which we have participated so far in the Republika Srpska, the Federation of BiH, as well as successful cooperation on such projects with eminent consulting companies, are a guarantee that we will remain consistent in our work, effort and quality.

So, in front of you is the NMAqua Team for Measurements, Condition Analysis in Water Systems and Leak Detection with full service and commitment, and the experience we use to find and solve even the most complicated problem in water supply. From the moment we arrive at your home, company or public institution, our Team will be dedicated and tireless to dedicate itself to studious work in order to fulfill all the undertaken obligations in a professional way, meeting the highest standards.



To create a strong, expert and professional staff that will respond to challenges in all situations without hesitating to accept much more significant jobs and projects both in the country and in the region. With quality and successful results, create prerequisites for long-term action in the area of effective reduction of non-revenue water in systems dealing with water supply.


Through his professional and expert work in the field of water supply on measurements, loss analysis and fault detection in water supply systems, he contributes to the efforts of our clients to achieve significant results in the reduction of non-revenue water in their companies.


With our own staff, equipment and primarily knowledge and experience, in a professional and above all efficient way and through partnerships, provide our customers with positive results in reducing non-revenue water, which will result in stable and efficient business.


We hope for successful cooperation in the coming years in which a hard fight for every precious drop of water is ahead!

Vas tim