ULTRASONIC FLOW METER water/heating pipes AQF 2000

Ultrasonic water-heat flow meter is a new generation of the series AQF 2000 which uses the principle of transit time to measure the velocities of relatively pure liquids in full tubes.

This flow meter can be practically applied to a wide range of long-term measurements.

The protection class of an ultrasonic flow meter is IP67, and the transducer protection class is IP68.

The measurement is applicable to different types of liquids, as follows:

    • ultra-pure liquids,
    • sanitary water,
    • chemicals,
    • wastewater,
    • used water,
    • cooling water,
    • river water, etc.

The ultrasonic meter features a 2 × 20-character backlit LCD screen, with available backlight timing and contrast settings.

The primary purpose of this ultrasonic flow meter is precise measurement in water supply systems with the possibility of direct serial connection of several such meters to the SCADA system via MODBUS PROTOCOL - RS 485.

The modified AquaFlow 2000 model of this basic industrial flow meter is adapted to mobile field work as a portable device with an autonomous rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh , which satisfies continuous operation - measuring instrument 30 hours , without refilling. The device has been modified so that an additional power supply of 12 V battery can be connected, thus extending the time of continuous measurement. The batteries are recharged with 220V, simply by connecting the cable to a power source.

In the flow meter menu, in addition to the selection of the type of pipe material on which the measurement is performed, the diameter of the pipeline and the wall thickness of the pipeline, you have the choice of MEASUREMENT INTERVAL ranging from 1 sec to 1 hour.

When logging in, the number of measurements can be selected - as a default parameter, where the device will stop storing data after fulfilling the request.

Interval - LOG TIMES data logging time ranges from 0-9999. IF YOU SET 9999, the device MEASURES CONSTANTLY without interruption until only one condition is met, and that is the maximum filling of the memory capacity.

In the SETUP flow meter you can see the daily value of the flow, which is stored on the SD memory (micro SD Memory card) with a capacity of 2 GB, as well as the total monthly i annual value of the flow and the total value of thermal energy stored in the internal memory of the instrument.

The 2 Gb memory capacity meets the needs of continuous measurement of approx. 5 years in the recording interval every 1 sec. in TXT text format.

The device is very easy to operate and does not require special conditions, except for meeting the general technical conditions for precise measurement.

Flowmeter AQF 2000
Flowmeter conector

The following technical parameters are entered before the measurement:

  1. Unit of pipe outer diameter: mm
  2. Pipe thickness unit: mm
  3. Pipe material
  4. Pipe insulation parameters: thickness and type (opt. Speed of sound) - if it has insulating material
  5. Type of liquid
  6. Probe type
  7. Probe mounting mode

There are two different methods — probe placement modes: V method and Z method

  • V-mode should be a priority for pipe dimensions in the nominal diameter range DN18-DN200.
  • Z-mode should be a priority for pipe dimensions DN200 - DN700. It can also be used when the device in V mode is not working well.


AQF sonde

Signal strength and signal quality (Q value) upstream and downstream on the probes are very important, in order to obtain long-term stable operation of the meter and the most accurate measurement data. Also, the high quality of the received signal on the probes reduces the consumption of batteries as well as the external power supply of 8V-12 V (battery-accumulator).

The signal strength is represented by the numbers 00.0 ~ 99.9, 00.0 means no signal and 99.0 means maximum signal.

The flow meter can work correctly when the signal strength is> 60.0





Meter characteristics

V type of meter

Industrial Ultrasonic Flow Meter


± 1%


LCD with 2 × 20 characters with backlight, supports language: English, Italian, Turkish

Output signal

Single 4-20mA output, electrical resistance 0-1K, accuracy 0.1%

Single output OCT pulse output (pulse width-1000ms, default 200ms)

Single relay output

Input signal

3-way 4-20mA input, 0.1% accuracy, acquisition signal such as temperature, pressure and fluid level

By connecting the temperature transmitter P100, heat / energy measurements (heat pipe) can be performed.

Data memory

External IP 68 push connector - micro SD card 2 GB

Installation parameters

Pipe material

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, asbestos cement pipe, PVC, semi-ethylene, aluminum.

Pipe diameter

25 - 700 mm (optional 6000 mm)

Probe installation conditions

Upstream 10D (upstream), downstream 5D (downstream), 30D behind the pump.

Measuring medium

The type of liquid that can be measured

Water (hot water, chilled water, sanitary city water, sea water, wastewater, etc.); low-particle wastewater, oil (vegetable oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc.); chemicals (alcohol, etc.); wastewater from the plant; ultra-pure liquids, etc.

Temperature range

-30-160 ℃


Not more than 10000 ppm and a smaller amount of bubbles

Flow rate

0 – ± 7m / s


Converter; -20 to 60 ℃; Flow probes: -30 to 160 ℃


Converter: 855RH; Flow probes: can be measured underwater, depth up to 2m

Work environment


Converter: -20 to 60 ℃; Flow probes: -30 to 160 ℃


Converter: 855RH; Flow probes: can be measured underwater, depth up to 2m


Batteries Li Ion 3.7V 2000 mAh, DC8-36V or AC85-264V

Energy consumption


For the ultrasonic flow meter AQF 2000, a certified and confirmed Warranty Card with the specified warranty period is delivered. It is also important that an authorized service center in Banja Luka is provided for the flow meter, parts and components. We are able to perform service and repair of the meter or any defective part within a very short period of time from the moment of delivery for repair. For customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to a comprehensive service, there are no additional costs for transportation, temporary import-export outside the state border, and the time of non-functionality of the device is greatly reduced.

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit contains:

  • Flow Meter-converter device
  • Probes (transducer) TM-1 for diameters DN50-DN700 and TS-2 for diameters DN25-DN100
  • Metal clamps for fixing probes 2pcs (optional clamping straps)
  • Signal cable for probes 2x5m
  • Battery charging cable
  • Battery power cord
  • SD Card - 2 Gb memory card (micro sd) with adapter
  • SD card reader
  • Ultrasonic Transducers gel
  • English User Manual
  • Instructions for installing meters in the Serbo-Croatian language
  • CD with instructions in PDF in Serbo-Croatian and EN language and Notepad ++ program with integrated NMAqua converter for automatic processing of txt data from micro SD card.
  • Brochure with pipe profiles
  • Case protection IP 68 
  • Meter for measuring set parameters for probes