Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS is a software solution for creating various databases, which can be especially used in utility companies and local communities.

Qgis is free software, a user application used to view, edit and analyze geodata.

Supports import of data from various other software and formats, such as Excel, Access, AutoCad, Grass etc.

Each object in the space can be displayed visually on a map in a way that the end user chooses.

QGIS creates a virtual model of real space, in a way that allows the import of rasters of any origin, and with georeferencing of a given raster, creates a model that corresponds to the real spatial situation.

The types of raster backgrounds that are suitable for work are orthophotos, satellite images, cadastral backgrounds, Google Maps, Open StreetMap or any background with known coordinates.

Qgis can also be a good basis for AssetMenagement (asset management), because in addition to the spatial presentation of the facility, databases can be formed that contain all the data relevant to the facility (pipelines, materials, profiles, age, information about manholes, facilities and other attributes).
Vector layers are in the form of points, lines or polygons. Provides the ability to simultaneously display multiple vector layers, combining them according to location, properties, values

As it is a program for spatial data processing, it has an integrated attribute table that acts as a database, which stores all relevant data, and allows you to filter data according to user needs.

Tabela atribut

It is important to note that QGIS provides the ability to connect databases and their mutual analysis.

This is especially important information for e.g. water companies , because the two most important databases for one company's business can be connected in the mentioned software, namely technical databases (TIS) and business database (PIS), which means that users can be connected services and network.

In this way, it is possible to locate exactly each user in the space, and to obtain data on the consumption of the users themselves, which opens the possibility of additional analyzes and reports that can be used in the daily work of the company.


Qgis uses a large number of software add-ons and algorithms that perform various operations through the automation process, such as calculating lengths, areas, creating statistics, etc.

Proracun duzina

Water supply network facilities

Water pipes, manholes, tanks and pumping stations have a number of features that QGIS easily manages.

Through defined tables and clearly defined information in them, visibility and efficient analysis of all relevant data for the listed facilities is enabled.

Atributi unos

Sewage network facilities

QGIS also successfully manages sewerage network facilities, such as manholes, collectors and pumping stations.

Through defined tables and clearly defined information in them, visibility and efficient analysis of all relevant data for the listed facilities is enabled.

Interfejs cctv

In the QGIS configuration, it is possible to set up automated access to other programs through the QGIS interface itself, thus giving us quick access to CCTV inspection recordings of the corresponding sewer pipes, or a longitudinal profile drawing in AutoCAD.

CCTV inspection

Additional QGIS features

QGIS is also very useful as a tool for planning future pipelines or facilities.

After drawing a virtual future route, it allows easy recalculation of lengths, depths, prices, etc.

QGIS is a tool that, with some knowledge, returns many times to the user.

A very useful option is to make thematic maps, for direct printing, or export to pdf format, JPG or some of the many others.

WEB map

It is important to note one important feature of QGIS, and that is creation web presentation of the project. Using QGIS, the desired project is raised to web platform, with all the selected features of the project, so that it is also available to users who do not have the QGIS application installed on their computer, or in the field. The web map can be accessed via any device that has an internet connection and operating system, via Google, Android phones, tablets and similar devices.

Web karta QGIS

The web map enables the use of the location of the device through which it is accessed, thus making it easier to locate the required objects in field work

The web view creates a PostGis Database that allows you to view the attributes of an object with a simple click or touch on the screen.

Like the basic application, it allows you to select the layers to be displayed.

Koordinate QGIS

Allows measurements on the map, coordinates, lengths, areas.

Quantum GIS services

From all of the above, Quantum GIS, in addition to being free, offers almost the same features similar to other paid programs. Given the general economic crisis, which has also affected water utilities, this program can be implemented very successfully under very favorable financial conditions, with quality preparation and training.

If you have recognized the advantages and want to implement this program in your company, NMAqua professional associates can, taking into account your needs, offer you the following services:

  • user training for working in Quantum GIS software,
  • database formation
  • database maintenance in Quantum GIS software