Although the problem of preserving drinking water resources is very emphasized in the world today and it is given a lot of attention, in our area, unfortunately, it is something that is not "so worrying". This statement stems from the fact that fortunately our drinking water resources are still very significant and the problem is not as pronounced as in other parts of the world. Another very important factor, when we talk about the conservation of water resources, is also of a financial nature, because for any more serious activity in this field, it is necessary to allocate significant financial resources. Most of those who today have and manage drinking water resources, ie utility water companies, are burdened with various problems, such as collection of receivables, high maintenance costs, providing funds for high costs of electricity produced by pumping plants, providing funding for mostly increased number of employees in relation to actual needs.

From all of the above, there is very little room left to pay attention to the root cause of most of the problems that affect the business of utility companies, and those are losses. We will only mention that in addition to those physical losses on the water supply network in the form of non-revenue water, a significant part of inefficient operations is based on financial and commercial losses, which are directly related to actual losses on the water supply network.

After the performed measurements, if it is a matter of works related to projects, it is necessary to perform an analysis of the obtained results and in accordance with them to proceed to a more detailed research, ie fault detection.

Research and detection of network failures need to be carried out in procedures

  • Network control and inspection with all line and connection shafts
  • Quick inspection and control of sewer manholes
  • Pipeline control by correlation system with determination of approximate fault location
  • Testing of pipelines-installations with acoustic sound detector - geophone and more precise location of fault location

Many years of experience so far tell us that it is very stressful to know that there is a fault in the plumbing. In addition to the unnecessary costs that are a burden on the household budget for each of us today, the fact that there is a malfunction that is not easy to find is even worse. That is why our Team is at your disposal, so that we can solve your problems as soon as possible.

A team of people from NMAqu with the latest equipment and primarily experience, will listen to you and adequately instruct you in the procedure that needs to be carried out, in order to obtain the most accurate data, all in order to more efficiently and quickly solve the problem in plumbing. We will try to make an assessment and detect a fault as soon as possible, in accordance with our capabilities and previously undertaken obligations.

Equipment leak detectionHow do you know if there has been an uncontrolled water leak?  

Usually, after the workers of the utility company read the condition of the water meter, and based on the previous average consumption, consumers are informed about the increase in the amount of water consumed.

The information definitely needs to be checked, and the simplest way is:

  • compare the previous balance from the last bill with the actual balance by reading the water meter (there is a possibility of incorrect reading).
  • control visual monitoring of the condition of the water meter (rotation of the star) with all taps closed in the facilities and outside the facilities that are supplied through that water meter.
  • it is necessary to monitor the condition of the water meter from 24 to 48 hours with a comparison of the amount of water consumed and the calculation of the average on a monthly basis.
  • Sound control on the installation (bathroom, toilet) in the late evening.

If your knowledge based on the above facts is such that everything indicates the existence of an uncontrolled leak in the plumbing, all you have to do is contact us so that we can try to solve your basic problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is to detect an invisible fault. We can most reliably point out the seriousness of the approach to the problem and the need for quick action with a tabular overview of the average losses for a certain size of failure on a daily, monthly and annual basis.tihi

tablaIf someone claims that they will find a malfunction with 100% certainty, believe us, based on our many years of experience so far and many satisfied customers, that these are just unsubstantiated claims. A lot of factors need to be taken into account in order to achieve a good result with as much certainty as possible, ie to locate the fault.

In addition to all the latest technologies, equipment and instruments, as in most specialist jobs, as well as in the business of measuring and detecting failures in water supply systems, experience plays a key and in the first place very important role of success. When it is not possible to accurately detect the fault despite all the exhausted research possibilities, caused by various factors such as low pressure, soil saturation and forest damping, unsuitable substrate, very low intensity of failure, our team will advise and suggest the best based on experience and assessment possible solution to the leak problem on the installation. 

We provide the service of researching losses and locating faults in the water supply network or internal installation with the latest generation of acoustic devices to all clients:

  • Water companies
  • Homeowner communities
  • Companies and other companies
  • To individual consumers

Research and location of faults is performed on asphalt, concrete and earth surfaces

Field research