Benchmarking (comparative assessment)

Benchmarking is a way of discovering what is best achieved in a particular company, by comparison with the competition or with examples of good practice from other industries. The most approximate translation of benchmarking would be a comparison or comparative analysis where performance measurement is done based on a specific predetermined indicator.

Benchmark is therefore an analysis tool that will allow our Benchmarking expert to compare your company with other competitors. At the same time, he can make a comparison with the company's practice in another activity.

So, one company is compared to another based on indicators: cost per unit of measure, revenue per employee, loss / km of network or whatever you want to improve.

Types of benchmarking
  • internal
  • competitive,
  • strategically

As we have already mentioned, benchmarking is a technique in which our expert, based on existing data and certain indicators of the company, will assess its performance in relation to the best companies in the class, analyze how those companies achieved their performance and use this information to improve your company's performance.

Based on the proposals and conclusions of the benchmarking expert, further analysis should be performed by employees in executive positions where strategy / projects are planned, adopted, developed and implemented.

bencSubjekti koji mogu biti benčmarkirani uključuju:

  • strategies,
  • operations 
  • processes

Benchmarking enables companies to learn from the experience of others, and this method is considered one of the most respected in the world, because it has helped many companies in the world to survive.

Due to your more efficient, and thus more profitable business, from all of the above, the hiring of an expert in the field of benchmarking is an inevitable need. Our licensed benchmarking expert is at your disposal to create the preconditions for achieving greater efficiency in your company's business with his business analysis and advice.