I Konferencija o komunalnoj hidrotehnici

I Conference on Communal Hydraulic Engineering


Organized by NMAqua companies from Banja Luka, Hydrocontrol d.o.o. and Hydra d.o.o Sarajevo, and Kolektor from Ljubljana, on March 17 and 18 in the Hotel Kardijal in Teslić, the 1st Conference on Municipal Hydraulic Engineering was held.

Konferencijska sala

At the Conference on New Technologies, New Ideas and Achievements, in addition to presenting their activities, companies also promoted the application of innovative solutions in their work.

Učesnici konferencije

Upon the invitation, representatives of 14 communal water supply companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the president of the Association "Waterworks of Republika Srpska" also took part in the work of the conference.

Učesnici I Konferencije

During the two-day work, interesting topics presented by company representatives could be heard, and these are innovative solutions in construction, repair, measurement and detection of failures in water supply systems.



At this conference, the company KOLEKTOR gave full importance to the presentation new satellite imaging technologies - SAR analytics, UTILIS.

Kolektor prezentacija

It is a reliable method of remote detection of leaks in water supply networks, sewerage and heating, as well as the detection of water saturation of the soil in the field of traffic infrastructure and civil engineering.

This satellite imaging technology is used for Leak Detection and Water Loss Reduction, Contamination Prevention, Flood Monitoring and Pipeline Condition Assessment, as well as in the Pipeline Replacement Program.

One of the topics of the lecture was related to the Optimization of communal infrastructure - OKI, and part of the presentation also referred to the solutions on the sewerage network and wastewater treatment plants.




Presenting services, company HYDROCONTROL presented the technology of CCTV inspection of sewer pipes with visual inspection, record of failures and inspection of home connections, which, as emphasized, is very important when taking over these systems for management and maintenance.

Hydrocontrol i Hydra

This time, ULTRASONIC AXIOM FLOW METERS were also presented, ie water meters with remote reading via the Lora Wan network. Innovative solutions such as high measurement accuracy, reliability, long-term operation, fault alarms are just, as said, one part of the new technology that is being applied.

LIKLES PDL DATA-LOGGER is an advanced industrial logger and meter of pressure, flow and other analog and digital quantities offered by Hydrocontrol as an authorized representative in BiH.


HYDRA  d.o.o.


At the conference, Hydra also presented innovative HORIZONTAL DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES that are very important and have an advantage in the rehabilitation or replacement of pipelines and sewer pipes in urban areas with increased traffic, cramped space and buildings under special protection.

Prezentacija Hydra


In the part of the presentation, the company Celab d.o.o., which specializes in field and laboratory testing of construction materials and quality control on infrastructure projects, presented the standards of international importance of CCTV INSPECTION and legal frameworks, as well as standardization of sewer pipe testing, ie watertightness.






As an innovative solution in water companies NMAqua presented the program AquaWEB as a software solution that enables easy monitoring of the water supply network by automatically analyzing data collected from meters and through loss indicators, which are recommended by IWA in real time monitors the state of technical losses in individual zones or the entire network. AquaWeb is a fully configurable platform, which can be adapted to the different needs of water companies.

NMAqua prezentacija

The service of user training, creation and maintenance of databases in Quantum GIS software, which is otherwise a free program, is also offered by NMAqua, as well as training and work with measuring equipment and training for non-revenue water analysis according to IWA methodology. QGIS program prezentacija

NMAqua also offers dedicated connectors for maintenance and repair of water supply network manufactured by "Armas" from Serbia, which are unique in the market with a wide range of pipeline coverage of various materials, without water stopping and significant savings in price differences compared to connectors from other manufacturers.

After two days of work, the First Conference on Communal Hydraulic Engineering was successfully completed.

At the level of organizers and business partners, it was agreed that the II Conference on Communal Hydraulic Engineering will be thematically dedicated to the reduction of non-revenue water and losses in water supply systems.

You can watch the video report on the work of the First Conference on Municipal Hydraulic Engineering HERE

Učesnici I Konferencije

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